Today VOGTLAND is an international spring manufacturer comprised of three operating units: VDF VOGTLAND Federntechnik, VOGTLAND Autosport, and VOGTLAND North America.

VDF VOGTLAND Federntechnik and RENZING Federntechnik are spring manufacturers and service companies which produce various industrial spring applications including compression, extension and torsion as well as stamped and formed spring elements.

Although, our main focus is serving large volume OE automotive manufactures with various springs elements.

Our unique and flexible manufacturing cells permits us to produce high performance suspension products. VOGTLAND Autosport develops, markets, and distributes premium high quality suspension products such as lowering springs, sport suspension kits, and height adjustable kits. These high quality products are produced at our plant headquarters in Hagen, Germany.

VOGTLAND North America supports the North American market. At VOGTLAND we focus on providing premium quality aftermarket high performance suspension, OE automotive, and industrial springs.

We have integrated over 100 years of our long standing tradition of spring making with the most current spring manufacturing technologies. Our diverse manufacturing capabilities, production lines, and efficiencies, allow us to produce both low and high volume products for our customers. The unique manufacturing cells permit VOGTLAND to quickly respond to our customers needs and meet their stringent deadlines. Our manufacturing capabilities permits us to be a supplier to some of the top NASCAR and Indy Car teams in North America and many internationally recognized Tuners.


VOGTLAND sport springs are produced using special oil tempered spring steels of high tensile strength chromesilicon (CrSi) and chrome-silicon-vanadium (CrSiV) alloys using the cold coiling process. This provides reduced spring weight with high material strength, effectively reducing the unsprung weight of the vehicle and optimizing handling characteristics.

After the cold coiling process, all suspension springs are tempered, shotpeened and preset to ensure consistent vehicle ride height and suspension function.

Low grade products will lose height due to high impact; however, VOGLAND springs are guaranteed to maintain their factory settings because of our sophisticated presetting program. Finally the springs are phosphated and powder coated to ensure a superior corrosion barrier for years of service.

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